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Randy Thelen

President & CEO

As President & CEO of The Right Place, 兰迪通过与当地合作来领导经济发展战略, State, and national organizations and stakeholders. 他的角色对组织的核心业务保留工作至关重要, expansion, and attraction within the community, while aligning with The Right Place’s mission of driving sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity for all in the Greater Grand Rapids Region.

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Brad Comment

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

As Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Brad负责The Right Place的战略项目和计划, business intelligence, fundraising and public policy. He engages with various partner organizations to lead projects that closely align with The Right Place's 2020-2022 Strategic Plan.

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Ta Rita websize

TaRita D. Johnson

Senior Vice President, Talent & Diversity

TaRita是the Right Place Inc .的人才和多元化高级副总裁. 她致力于与劳动力发展组织合作, employers, 和投资者领导战略,以确保西密歇根州的吸引力, develops, and retains diverse talent.

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Tim Mroz

Senior Vice President, Community Development

作为The Right Place社区发展高级副总裁, Tim负责领导The Right Place基于地点的战略和工作. His focus areas include community development pillars such as smart growth planning, infrastructure & transportation, community leadership & 参与、场所营造、转型场地再开发等等.

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Andria 2022

Andria Romkema

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Andria leads the strategic marketing and communications initiatives for The Right Place to promote West Michigan’s business capabilities across the country and the globe.

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Jane 2022

Jane Tierney

Senior Vice President, Finance

Jane provides accurate and timely financial information to The Right Place’s leadership team while ensuring effective internal controls and financial safeguards.

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Brent 2022

Brent Case

Vice President, Business Development

布伦特致力于为该地区吸引新的商业投资和就业机会. He also assists West Michigan companies during the decision-making portion of the expansion process to outline the benefits of growing locally as opposed to out-of-state.

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Terry Hossink Website Size Square

Terry Hossink

Vice President, Manufacturing Services

Terry负责The Right Place的制造服务团队. He is also the Regional Director for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center - Grand Rapids office team. This team works with West Michigan’s small and mid-sized manufacturers assisting them with their opportunities for continuous improvement, development, growth, 并向先进的制造技术转型.

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Jennifer Wangler


Jennifer provides retention and expansion assistance to Right Place clients in Kent County and site location assistance to national and international IT and tech companies. 她还担任西密歇根州技术委员会主任.

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Julie Burrell Website Size Square 2021

Julie Burrell


Julie serves as the Senior Economic Development Director for the Newaygo County Economic Development Partnership. 在这个职位上,她为纽瓦戈县的公司提供业务支持服务.

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Rachel Gray

Executive Director, Hello West Michigan

As the Executive Director for Hello West Michigan, Rachel leads the organization’s strategy, operations, and membership. 她帮助雇主和潜在候选人了解该地区.

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Travis Alden

Senior Director, Community Development

As Senior Director of Community Development, Travis is focused on transformational place-based development projects and initiatives throughout the West Michigan region.

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Jackie Beering 2023 websize

Jackie Beering

Senior Accountant

Jackie提供会计支持以及所有项目跟踪的监督, collections and records management. 她负责处理应付账款和应收账款交易. 杰基还管理中西部的拨款报告, 并负责投资者的账单和记录维护.

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Jakob Bigard

Jakob Bigard

Executive Director, Montcalm Economic Alliance

Jakob担任Montcalm Economic Alliance的执行董事. In this role, he provides business support services to prospective and existing companies in Montcalm County. Jakob works to continually improve the overall economic state of the county through the lens of people, place, and prosperity.

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René Booker

Program Manager, The Center-West

René Booker is program manager for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West (The Center-West), providing support for events, marketing, and internal continuous improvement efforts. She also supports The Right Place/The Center-West Manufacturers and Supply Chain Management Councils.

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Curtis Burdette websize square

Curtis Burdette

Executive Director, Oceana County Economic Alliance

Curtis serves as the Economic Development Director for the Oceana County Economic Alliance. 在此职位上,他为Oceana县的公司提供业务支持服务.

Shawna Tate websize

Shawna Covell

Accounting and Operations Assistant

Shawna performs a wide variety of duties to help with the accounting department and running of the daily administrative operations of the company.


Jillian Elliott

Manager of Conferences and Events

Jillian is the Manager of Conferences and Events. In her role, she leads the planning and management of events for The Right Place and The Center-West.

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Donna Ford

Donna Ford

Assistant to the President and CEO

唐娜为总统提供行政协助 & CEO of The Right Place and provides administrative support to The Right Place Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

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Brandon Hamilton web size

Brandon Hamilton

Executive Assistant

Brandon provides executive assistance to the Sr. 业务发展和人才多元化副总裁. 布兰登执行各种行政职责, balance multiple priorities, and contributes to key projects within our talent, diversity, and business development initiatives.

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Eric Heys

Marketing Coordinator

Eric provides graphic and layout support for all printed communication needs of The Right Place, 他与当地的印刷商合作,从生产到最终的印刷材料.

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Eric Icard

Senior Director of Business Development

Eric为Right Place客户提供保留和扩展方面的帮助. 他为国内和国际生命科学公司提供选址协助. 他还担任MiDevice小组的协调员.

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Victor websize

Victor Joaquin, SHRM-CP

Talent Program Manager

As Talent Program Manager for The Right Place, 维克多致力于建立企业之间的合作关系, colleges, universities, 以及致力于西密歇根社区繁荣的组织.

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Jessica 2022

Jessica Kuster

Program Manager, Hello West Michigan

杰西卡是“你好西密歇根”的项目经理, 她在哪里监督实习和候选人联系项目, marketing and communication needs, 并促进会员入职培训计划.

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Mia LaMontagne

Mia LaMontagne

Marketing & Communications Intern

Mia is an Advertising & 大峡谷州立大学公共关系专业的学生,将于2025年春季毕业. 作为the Right Place的市场营销和传播实习生, Mia assists the marketing team with social media, web content management, email marketing, and public relations.

Steven Lopez websize

Steven Lopez

Business Development Specialist, The Center-West

Steven Lopez is an experienced Business Development Specialist with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – West, affiliated with The Right Place. Specializing in plant and production management, 史蒂文对卓越运营和精益流程充满热情. He is notably recognized for his expertise in driving operational excellence and innovation within Industry 4.0. As West Michigan's lead Industry 4.0评估员,Steven进行全面的工业4.0 assessments across West Michigan's 13 counties, 专注于识别提高运营绩效的技术. 服务于巴里县和肯特部分地区的中小型制造商, his work is instrumental in advancing technological innovation and fostering growth in Michigan's dynamic manufacturing sector. Through these efforts, Steven plays a crucial role in ensuring the regional manufacturing industry remains competitive and innovative in the evolving global landscape.

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Kristi Lucas Zimmerman

Kristi Lucas-Zimmerman


Kristi serves as the Economic Development Director of the Chamber Alliance of Mason County. In this role, she provides business support services to prospective and existing companies. She works to improve the overall economic state of Mason County through business retention, expansion, and attraction. Additionally, Kristi facilitates community development and is currently working on housing and trails initiatives for Mason County.

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Emily Mace

Emily Mace

Investor Relations Specialist

As Investor Relations Specialist, Emily works to build and implement a comprehensive fundraising strategy for The Right Place. This includes managing the necessary administrative infrastructure and building relationships with current and future investors.

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Rafael Martinez

Business Intelligence & Research Manager

Rafael works as a Business Intelligence & Research Manager for The Right Place. In this role, 他为该组织提供商业情报和经济研究, and to investors and other stakeholders.

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Sadie Mc Kinstry websize square

Sadie McKinstry

Business Development Specialist, The Center-West

Sadie McKinstry is a Business Development Specialist for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West, 主要服务于位于渥太华和阿勒甘县的中小型制造商.

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Allyssa 2022

Allyssa Murphy

Marketing and Communications Manager

As the Marketing and Communications Manager, Allyssa manages the website, social media channels, blog, 为The Right Place和The central - west团队进行电子邮件和数字营销活动.

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Jodi Nichols


Jodi担任莱克县经济发展联盟的执行董事. In this role, she provides business support services to prospective and existing employers and leads critical community development initiatives to improve the overall state of the county and community’s quality of life.

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Tristan headshot

Tristan Reuben

Business Development Coordinator

特里斯坦是The Right Place的业务发展协调员. 他与肯特郡的公司合作开展扩张和保留项目, while additionally providing site selection services to companies looking to come to West Michigan.

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001 1 L7 A0422

Angela Violet

Human Resources Manager

As Human Resources Manager, 安吉拉负责组织的日常人力资源工作. She is a resource for team members and the organization as she works to improve the employee experience. 安吉拉负责团队成员的入职和培训, benefits administration, management of organizational policies, and compliance matters.

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Kelly Wawsczyk websize

Kelly Wawsczyk


Kelly担任Mecosta County Development Corporation的执行董事. 在此职位上,她领导推动经济发展 Mecosta County 通过吸引、保留和扩大商业和工业.

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John Wiegand

John Wiegand

Business Intelligence & Research Manager

As Business Research & Intelligence Manager for The Right Place, John为该组织提供商业情报和经济研究, investors and other stakeholders.

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Ryan Square

Ryan Wilson

Executive Director, Ionia County Economic Alliance

Ryan provides leadership in the development and implementation of economic development initiatives focused on People, Place, 并与当地需求和区域战略保持一致.

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Amy 2022

Amy Winkler

Client Coordinator, The Center-West

Amy Winkler is the Client Coordinator for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West Regional Office at The Right Place, Inc. 艾米协调客户咨询和培训项目, user groups and workshops, 并监督这些活动是否符合合同报告要求.

Ben 2022

Ben Wood

Business Development Specialist, The Center-West

Ben负责与西密歇根州的中小型制造商合作, focusing on Mason, Lake, Osceola, Oceana, Newaygo, Mecosta, Muskegon, Montcalm, Ionia, and Northern Kent Counties. 他帮助他们评估持续改进和成长的机会.

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Talent Learning Lab: The Future of HR

May 2, 2024
9:00AM–11:00AMFrederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park
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Hello West Michigan Intern Connect 2024

Intern Connect is a half-day professional development conference designed to teach area interns about West Michigan’s lifestyle and abundant economic opportunities.

June 26, 2024
12:30PM–5:00PMGLC Live at 20 Monroe